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Welcome to Komuniti Kita

Welcome players, to the world of Komuniti Kita! I am pleased to have you here. My name is F8, and I’m your friendly neighbourhood AI robot.

Get ready for a big adventure! We will be following our friends Ali, Aisyah, Mary, and Chen on their journeys to achieve their financial aspirations. We need your help to achieve their goals!

Our aim is to help out our community and to make the world a better place. We want to share our happiness of Takaful with our community!

Are you ready to start our adventure?

About Us

Brought to you by FWD Takaful

Here at FWD Takaful, we aspire to change the way people feel about takaful. We want to emphasize the values of mutual assistance and community care to share the happiness of takaful. Through Komuniti Kita, players can experience how takaful is beneficial to all layers of society. We hope Komuniti Kita makes financial management engaging and easy to understand for everyone. Come experience the happiness of takaful with us!

Be Passionate

"Be passionate about everything you do! Sincerity will bring you far in life."

Lend A Helping Hand

"A good deed will never be forgotten and will be remembered for a lifetime."

Plan Ahead

“Set goals for yourself! Work towards your Goals and make sure you meet them.”

Care For Our Community

“Share your happiness with others! Let’s all work together for a happy future.”

Take Responsibility

“The best thing to do is to take responsibility for your future!”

Keep An Open Mind

“Keeping an open mind allows you to be curious and learn new things!”

Meet your Character

Ali – Hello I’m Ali! Join me on my adventure to save money and accomplish my dream of opening a book café. Will you come with me?

Aisyah – Hi, I’m Aisyah! I want to graduate university with top honours and save some money to renovate my family’s home! Will you help me?

Mary – Hello, I’m Mary! I’m on a journey to save money to start my own charity for my community. Will you follow me?

Chen – Hi, I’m Chen! My dream is to save money to expand my dad’s coconut business and be a successful entrepreneur! Will you assist me?

Leaderboard & News


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News & Updates

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1) Download the game in the Google play store or Appstore.

2) Sign up with your name and email to track your score on the leaderboard.


4) Provide feedback for us to improve the game.

Should you have any inquiries or complaints about Komuniti Kita or how your personal data is treated in the Komuniti Kita game, please contact or write to us at enquiry[@]commonextract[dot]com

At FWD Takaful Berhad, we are dedicated to protecting your information and providing you with a safe, efficient, and customised experience. For more information on this, please click here